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Since 1933, APEX® has been delivering high quality, robust solutions for both assembly and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications.

Precision Industrial Solutions

We took our 85 years of knowledge and expertise and created the all-new APEX Industrial Fastening Tools line, designed to maximize performance across construction and service trade industries, and applications such as light manufacturing assembly and general maintenance and repair.

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We take pride in providing customers with durable, affordable and innovative tools that help to increase productivity and operating efficiencies. That’s why we conducted extensive research to identify the key features users need from their tools.

APEX’s Industrial Fastening line was developed to enhance durability, extend life and improve tool fit, while also making tools easier to identify.

Features & Benefits

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What People Say

APEX is bringing 85 years of experience and over 200 world-class fastening solutions to new industries and applications.

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Experience The Difference

Our Industrial Fastening Tools are available through our national network of distributors. Get in touch with a distributor to experience the APEX difference.

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